*Currently, this product is available in Japan only*
*Overseas version is under preparation*

Gene analysis instrument Fully automated gene analysis instrument

Fully automated gene analysis instrument


・Rapid detection
・1-step, automatic detection. No loss of reagent
・Compact design-desktop type
・Smooth operation with touch screen

Product Overview

Measurement principle Nucleic acid amplification method, QProbe method Power source AC adapter input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, Output DC19V, Maximum 7.89A
Start-up time Within 3 minutes Operating temperature and humidity +15~+30℃ , 30~80% RH
(avoid condensation)
Operation screen 3.5 inch color LCD touch screen Storage temperature and humidity -10~+50℃ , 10~80% RH
(avoid condensation)
Built-in printer 58mm thermal printer Dimensions 152×343×300mm (Width×Length(Depth) ×Height)
Data storage 100 tests Weight Approximately 6.0kg

※Dedicated test cartridge adopts the QProbe method which The Nippon Steel & Sumikin Eco-Tech Corporation holds patent rights.

Kit Composition

Kit Composition

Instrument 1 unit
AC adapter 1 piece
Record paper 1 roll
User manual 1 booklet
Other documents 1 set

Optional Items

Thermal paper rolls

Product No. 82011
Thermal paper roll 6 rolls

Maintenance cartridge

Product No. 85500 (available soon)

Maintenance pack

Product No. 85520 (available soon)

Test Procedure

Simply drop sample to a test cartridge and set to the instrument. Once a cartridge is set, no other operation is needed until the test ends.
  • Test Procedure
  • Test Procedure
  • Test Procedure
  • Test Procedure
  • Test Procedure

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